In a recent interview with Fox News, Dr. Yoram Klein recounts remarkable tales of survival and medical resilience following the devastating Hamas-led attacks, highlighting the power of both individual bravery and medical expertise.

An Interview with Dr. Yoram Klein

In an impactful interview on Fox News, Dr. Yoram Klein, the Director of the Trauma and Urgent Surgery Unit at Sheba, shared remarkable stories of survival and resilience amidst the horrific aftermath of Hamas-led attacks. Dr. Klein recounted how Sheba managed to keep all 92 patients, who arrived within a span of eight hours following the October 7th attacks, alive. He shared that he doesn’t normally believe in miracles, but that there is no other way to explain some of the stories that arose from that horrific day, with many patients struggling with severe injuries, including penetrating wounds, extensive internal bleeding, and nerve damage. Remarkably, even those with inaccessible ruptured vessels survived over three weeks later.

Miraculous Survival: Defying Odds in the Face of Terror

One of the most harrowing accounts that Dr. Klein recalled was of a patient named Amichai. In a display of extraordinary bravery, Amichai held the door against the attackers, shielding his family at the cost of severe personal injuries. Despite his critical condition, including a lost hand and significant damage to his other arm, chest, face, and head, he survived, and today, he is undergoing further treatment at Sheba’s rehabilitation center.

The interview also sheds light on the use of tourniquets, a life-saving measure that saved the lives of many but, due to prolonged evacuation times, unfortunately, led to limb loss for some. Dr. Klein highlighted the emerging ‘second wave of complications’ post-injury, such as infections, tissue damage, and renal failure.

Another remarkable story of survival against all odds was that of a young family, including a 2-year-old child, who suffered severe burns. When attackers failed to enter their protected space, they resorted to setting the house on fire and firing a gas canister inside. The family was fortunate enough to escape and are currently receiving life-saving care at Sheba.

Dr. Klein

Medical Challenges and Triumphs: The Battle Beyond the Battlefield

Dr. Klein also shared a personal account of a patient, a combat officer, which tested his professional resiliency. The officer, due to be married, was adamant about keeping his leg, which he intended to use to break the glass under the traditional Jewish wedding canopy. Despite complications and many attempts to avoid amputation, including a near-fatal bleeding episode, the patient’s life was ultimately saved. However, doctors were not able to salvage his leg.

These stories, as told by Dr. Klein, underscore the incredible resilience of the human spirit in the face of terror and adversity. They also highlight the crucial role of medical professionals who work tirelessly under extreme conditions to save lives, regardless of race or religion, often making difficult decisions that balance immediate survival against long-term consequences.

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