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Yvonne and Ruben’s Mission of Solidarity at Sheba

October of last year changed the lives, outlooks, and plans of so many people in Israel and the world. When news broke of the atrocities that occurred, Dr. Ruben Kuzniecky and his wife Yvonne couldn’t live with themselves standing idly by while the country they love was experiencing one of its darkest moments. As soon as they could, the couple volunteered to come to Israel on a mission of solidarity.
“We had an opportunity to meet many of the leading physicians here at Sheba, and it is really impressive what they have put together, the different components, different departments, what they’re doing for patients.”

The couple were incredibly impressed with how such a massive health facility was so smoothly managed. For them, Sheba wasn’t only focused on treating patients but creating a way of life that centered around health. Their most touching experience during their visit was meeting with recovering soldiers and listening to their stories of courage. In that moment, it became evident that there is a crucial endeavor required to persevere through these challenging times and uphold the exceptional qualities that define us as a nation. We need to keep being a light.

“We need to continue being a light and continue to bring light into this darkness. The little things we can do, hold hands, hug each other, should be a little bit more than what they were before, and that’s all that we can ask for.”

Thank you, Ruben and Yvonne, for being Friends and supporters of Sheba!

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