The Sheba Pandemic Research Institute focuses on multidisciplinary and collaborative research, with its primary objective being the translation of global infectious disease research into practical clinical products that can be readily used in the event of future epidemics and pandemics. Prof. Regev-Yochay, SPRI Director, expressed optimism about the transformative potential of the new partnership, stating, “This collaboration has the potential to reshape virus care and revolutionize our approach to preventing and managing future pandemics.”

The latest project, part of an ongoing collaboration between SPRI and the NIH Vaccine Research Center, aims to predict the trajectory of future infections. Prof. Daniel Douek, Chief of the Human Immunology Section at the Vaccine Research Center, NIH, and Senior Scientific Advisor of SPRI, emphasized its significance, stating, “This vaccine is not something that we only apply to COVID-19. We can use it as a research template that we can apply to other viruses capable of causing pandemics, such as influenza.”

Sheba and the NIH: Groundbreaking Initiative

The development of a pan-coronavirus vaccine will not only provide long-term protection against emerging variants but also pave the way for proactive measures against future viral threats. With this groundbreaking initiative, Sheba and the NIH are advancing global healthcare to a future where pandemics are effectively prevented and managed, ensuring the health and well-being of populations worldwide.

A global gamechanger where Sheba and the NIH join forces to develop a revolutionary pan-coronavirus vaccine.

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