The MSR-Azrieli Medical Simulation Center

A Global Leader in Simulation-Based Medical Education



The MSR-Azrieli Medical Simulation Center is a recognized global leader in simulation-based medical education, revolutionizing how physicians and allied health personnel are trained.

Employing advanced simulation-based training modalities that include sophisticated robotics, surgical simulators, and role-playing actors, MSR enables healthcare providers to effectively improve clinical and communication skills, as well as assess the core skills of medical professionals across the healthcare spectrum: promoting a safer, patient-centered approach to care without placing patients at risk.

Since its establishment in 2001 by Prof. Amitai Ziv, who serves as head of MSR as well as Deputy Director of the Sheba Medical Center and Director of Sheba’s Rehabilitation Hospital, MSR has trained and tested more than 19,000 healthcare professionals as part of over 100 distinct programs.

MSR is recognized by the American Heart Association as an International Training Center (ITC) for BLS, PALS, and ACLS courses, and has also received ACS Accreditation by the American College of Surgeons (ACS).

Prof. Amitai Ziv

Prof. Amitai Ziv

Director of the MSR-Azrieli Medical Simulation Center

Areas of Activity

Clinical Training Programs

Making extensive use of the most advanced strategies in the field of medical simulation, while incorporating computerized, full-body physiological mannequins, part and advanced task trainers, as well as actors playing simulated patients, MSR provides hands-on training in a wide variety of clinical domains, including anesthesia, surgery, cardiology, chemical & biological warfare management, ob-gyn and trauma.

Our clinical training courses include:

  • Advanced Hysteroscopy
  • Gynecologic Endoscopy and Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Advanced Laparoscopy
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
  • Intensive Care Transfer of Patients in Critical Condition
  • Advanced Urologic Surgery

Faculty Development

To significantly improve and standardize simulation-based education, it is essential to provide comprehensive training based on well-established educational principles and methodologies. MSR offers an array of faculty development workshops for healthcare teams and individuals. Taking into account the hectic schedules of medical professionals, these workshops are tailored for doctors and nurses with little time to spare. After completing these workshops, participants are able to implement the methodologies and techniques they have learned and lead new training programs at their respective institutions.

Our faculty development training courses include:

  • Simulation Training Evaluator Certification
  • Simulation Training Instructor Certification
  • Hospital Teams Crisis Resource Management

Communications Training Programs

MSR offers several medical simulation programs dedicated to enhancing the communication skills of healthcare professionals, and employs over 100 simulated patients (role-playing actors), ranging in age from adolescence to the elderly, who are specially trained to replicate a wide range of medical conditions and behaviors. Through the use of simulated patients, MSR creates an intimate and authentic interpersonal training environment to teach strategies for delivering bad news, obtaining informed consent, detecting signs of domestic abuse, and more.

Our communications training courses include:

  • Communication Skills for Oncology Professionals
  • Communication Skills for Obstetrics and Gynecology Professionals
  • End-of-Life Discussions
  • Identifying, Reporting, and Treating Domestic Violence
  • Communication Skills for Gastroenterology Professionals

Simulation-based Exams and Assessment

MSR specializes in developing simulation-based tests that evaluate an examinee’s performance and ability to function in “real-life” treatment scenarios. Other offerings include the development of oral examinations and training healthcare professionals on assessing oral exam participants. MSR’s partnership with the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (NITE) enables professional consulting, analysis, and research in simulation-based exams.

Our simulation-based exams and assessment training courses include:

  • Final Exam for MRI & Ultrasound Technicians
  • Competency-Based Testing System Development