Sheba Global Partnerships


At Sheba, we believe that in order to advance care and promote the crucial paradigm shift in medicine towards more sustainable, patient-centric solutions, governments, academic institutions, and leading medical organizations must pool resources and work together – as no one organization or sector can achieve change by itself.

Through strategic agreements with some of the world’s leading healthcare institutions and other, more focused collaborations, Sheba Global drives progress, continually improves patient care, and supports colleagues worldwide in making a real difference for the benefit of their communities.

Yair Itzhar

Yair Itzhar

Head of Global Relations & Partnerships

Sheba Global offers:

Academic Collaborations

The research of today forms the basis of tomorrow’s medical innovations. Sheba is happy to collaborate with academic institutions from around the world in advancing all facets of medical research.

Clinical Collaborations

By joining forces with other leading medical centers and hospitals to conduct clinical trials and co-develop innovative treatments, we benefit our patients as well as the medical community at large.

Education & Training Collaborations

A first-class medical education creates first-class physicians. Sheba is deeply committed to advancing medical education & training and encourages knowledge sharing through fellowship exchange agreements.

Featured Collaboration Agreements