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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 2 billion people worldwide suffer from vision impairment, with almost half of these affected by conditions that could have been prevented or made better by treatment.

Most of the world’s visually impaired live in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), with many counted among the elderly. They often lack access to eye care and specialists, as well as the financial means to fund treatment. This leads to significant and preventable diseases of the eye and vision.

With these concerns in mind, the Sheba Global Ophthalmology (SGO) initiative was established to advance equity in eye care across the world.

SGO experts tackle global eye care inequalities strategically using a four-pillar system, focusing on humanitarian outreach and educational programs in LMICs, international advocacy, global ophthalmological collaborations, as well as innovative research and technological innovation.

In cooperation with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), Sheba Global Ophthalmology fosters a vision-inclusive future dedicated to enhancing eye health outcomes worldwide, making eye care and rehabilitation services universally accessible, inclusive, and affordable.

SGO Activities

Patient Care

Focusing on underserved local communities, the Palestinian territories, as well as nations with limited resources and access to care, SGO humanitarian outreach programs ensure no one is left behind by providing direct care to patients worldwide.

Education and Training

Dedicated to developing sustainable eye care programs globally, the SGO views education as a fundamental tenet of its activities. Leveraging Sheba’s unique medical and technological expertise, we train international ophthalmologists from LMICs, help develop and promote local training programs as well as raise awareness of eye health within underserved communities.

Global Advocacy and Collaboration

With a global population of over 8 billion people, we believe that international collaboration is not just an admirable goal, but a necessity to truly achieve the global impact we are aiming for: the creation of sustainable eyecare programs with lasting effects within low and middle-income communities along with the dissemination of effective treatments for preventable blindness worldwide. To achieve these goals, we work hand in hand with Sheba Global as well as partners across the globe, advocating for eye health and developing therapeutic approaches.

Research and Innovation

Working in partnership with Sheba’s renowned ARC Innovation Center, as well as The Gertner Institute for Health Policy and Epidemiology, the SGO spearheads research initiatives that highlight disparities in eye care, particularly within LMICs, while also developing new technologies aimed at bridging these gaps by increasing access to eyecare in underserved communities worldwide.


Prof. Ido Didi Fabian

SGO Director & Co-Founder

A highly experienced ophthalmologist who received numerous awards for his outstanding contributions to the field, Prof. Ido Didi Fabian is a world-renowned expert in ocular oncology, serving as a senior physician at Sheba Medical Center’s Goldschleger Eye Institute.

The author of numerous published medical articles, Prof. Fabian serves as the founder and principal investigator of the Global Retinoblastoma Study Group, has founded the Rb-NET MDT Project, co-founded the Asian Retinoblastoma Group, and is a reviewer for several medical journals and foundations.

Dr. Mattan Arazi


A resident ophthalmologist at Sheba Medical Center’s Goldschleger Eye Institute, Dr. Arazi is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Technion Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Medicine, where he was named Commencement Speaker at graduation.

An up-and-coming ophthalmologist with a deep-rooted passion for improving global eye care, Dr. Arazi has been involved in community service, philanthropic projects, and humanitarian work: providing medical care to underserved populations worldwide and authoring several publications in renowned journals on related topics. He is also the recipient of the 2023 David Hunter Cherwek, MD Award for Global Ophthalmology.

SGO In Action

Visionary Collaboration: Sheba and Heron Foundation Unite to Enhance Eye Care in Rwanda

Visionary Collaboration: Sheba and Heron Foundation Unite to Enhance Eye Care in Rwanda

In an inspiring display of international cooperation, Sheba’s Global Ophthalmology (SGO) initiative partnered with the Heron Foundation to significantly improve eye health among Rwanda’s youth. This project, focusing on school children in Kibungo, marked a major step forward in providing essential healthcare in underserved communities.

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