In an inspiring display of international cooperation, Sheba's Global Ophthalmology (SGO) initiative partnered with the Heron Foundation to significantly improve eye health among Rwanda’s youth. This project, focusing on school children in Kibungo, marked a major step forward in providing essential healthcare in underserved communities.

Sheba’s commitment to Africa’s health has been unwavering over the years, with a focus on aiding, educating, and empowering local medical professionals. In line with this mission, Sheba’s Global Ophthalmology (SGO) initiative recently joined hands with the Heron Foundation in a significant project in Kibungo, Rwanda. This collaboration, which took place in March, aimed to address critical eye health needs, especially among school children.

Screenings and Treatments: Reaching Out to Thousands

In this noteworthy mission, the SGO team was led by optometrist Claude Samuel and ophthalmologist Dr. Sharon Armarnik. The group’s efforts resulted in the screening and treatment of 8,000 children within a week. These screenings, primarily for primary school children aged 6-12, were followed by treatments at the Heron Foundation House in Kibungo Hospital in collaboration with the parents and the support of the Rwandan government.

Empowering Local Healthcare: Training and Knowledge Sharing

The initiative went beyond immediate care. An essential part of the mission involved training local optometrists and ophthalmologists. They were taught to use handheld and portable equipment suitable for rural settings, along with traditional non-automated methods. This training is crucial for ensuring the sustainability of quality eye care in the region.

Additionally, the SGO team shared advanced techniques and approaches for diagnosing and treating pediatric eye problems with local ophthalmologists. This exchange of knowledge is a testament to Sheba’s commitment to enhancing healthcare capabilities in Rwanda and worldwide.

The success of this project in Kibungo is a reflection of Sheba’s dedication to improving global healthcare standards. The collaboration with the Heron Foundation exemplifies the positive outcomes that can be achieved through partnerships, expertise, and a shared commitment to health equity. Sheba remains dedicated to advancing healthcare in Africa and is excited about future endeavors that continue to make a real difference in the lives of many.

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