About Sheba Global

Sheba Global

As one of the world’s leading medical centers, standing at the forefront of clinical research, innovation, and care, Sheba is committed to providing patients everywhere hope without boundaries by sharing its knowledge and experience with healthcare professionals, governments, and medical institutions.

With this in mind, Sheba Global was created to serve as the medical center’s global ambassador and help elevate healthcare standards around the world.

Uniquely positioned to leverage the experience gained at Sheba as a large, quality-oriented, integrated medical center with unique clinical, academic, and managerial expertise, Sheba Global works with partners worldwide: providing them guidance and advice based on practical knowledge and tangible, real-world insights.

In complex instances involving patients unable to receive the care they need at home, Sheba Global’s team also possesses vast experience in delivering the highest quality care for international patients.

Recognizing that education and training programs are not enough when emergency medical situations arise, Sheba established the Humanitarian & Disaster Response Center (HDRC). Besides sharing emergency medicine expertise with colleagues worldwide, HDRC rapidly deploys emergency response teams composed of Sheba physicians and nurses to provide aid in disaster zones across the globe.


Yoel Har-Even, PhD

Head of Sheba Global

Having served in the Israel Defense Forces’ medical corps for 28 years, where he eventually became Deputy Surgeon General, Yoel Har-Even, treated countless injured and wounded soldiers and participated in numerous IDF humanitarian relief missions. Leveraging his unique experience, as well as an extensive academic background that includes Master of Health Administration and Master of Neuroscience degrees, as well as a Ph.D. in Business Administration, Mr. Har-Even heads Sheba Global, overseeing all its activities while shaping its mission and strategy.

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Yair Itzhar

Yair Itzhar

Head of Global Relations & Partnerships


After 17 years of holding senior sales, marketing, and business development roles in the telecommunications sector, Mr. Itzhar joined Sheba Medical Center in 2014. With vast experience working alongside individuals from diverse nationalities and cultures, Yair plays a key role in developing Sheba Global’s international collaborations strategy, while also putting it into practice by reaching out to potential partners and engaging with external healthcare, governmental and private organizations.

Elhanan Bar On

Prof. Elhanan Bar-On

Director of the Humanitarian & Disaster Response Center

In addition to decades of experience as a practicing orthopedic surgeon, Prof. Bar-On holds an MPH in disaster management and serves as an orthopedic surgery Associate Professor. Participating in and leading numerous humanitarian and disaster aid missions throughout his career, Prof. Bar-On is a globally recognized expert in disaster medicine. In 2017, he founded The Humanitarian & Disaster Response Center at Sheba, which he still leads today. He has since overseen and directed the deployment of medical response teams across the globe.


Vered Cohen-Herszaft

Director of Global Patient Services

With a diverse tertiary education in chemistry, programming, and public administration, as well as experience in some of Israel’s leading corporations, including a stint as telecom giant Pelephone’s Head of Internal Audit, Mrs. Cohen-Herszaft has been leading Sheba’s Global Patient Services (GPS) since 2016. Overseeing all aspects of GPS operations, including patient care standards and internal work processes, Mrs. Cohen-Herszaft is driven by her mission
to provide patients in need across the globe with access to Sheba’s premier medical services.

keren Yaniv

Keren Yaniv

Chief Business Officer

A skilled business and marketing professional with an MBA from Tel Aviv University and over 20 years of experience in healthcare, including a tenure at medical device and pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, Mrs. Yaniv oversees commercial strategy planning in global markets. With a keen eye for mutually beneficial business opportunities, she promotes the development of educational, training, and consultancy solutions tailored to local health system needs while engaging with relevant stakeholders and decision-makers.

Steve Walz

Steve Walz

Head of International Media & Public Affairs

Born and raised in New York City, Mr. Walz has a diverse journalistic background that includes numerous publications in the NY Post, Boston Herald, Melbourne Herald Sun, and other leading media outlets. After serving as the Editor of the NY Jewish Press, he and his family moved to Israel in 2001, where he provided PR consulting services to major Israeli companies such as Tnuva. Joining Sheba in 2018, Mr. Walz handles international media relations and oversees efforts to increase awareness of Sheba’s local and overseas activities among global audiences.

Raied Baloum

Raied Baloum

Director of Regional Patient Services

Dedicated to helping people in need since beginning his career as a social worker, Mr. Baloum served in numerous senior educational and social services positions before joining Sheba in 2008, including as Chief Health & Welfare Advisor to the Mayor of Taibeh. As Head of Sheba’s Regional Patient Services, Mr. Baloum oversees, coordinates, and facilitates all aspects of Palestinian patient treatment, while also coordinating the training of Palestinian medical personnel at Sheba and managing collaborations with Palestinian medical institutions.

Estee Sitton-Babecov

Estee Sitton-Babecov

Chief of Staff

Serving Sheba in diverse roles for the last 36 years, Mrs. Sitton-Babecov understands the inner workings of our vast, complex medical institution better than most. As Sheba Global’s Chief of Staff, Mrs. Sitton-Babecov coordinates cross-departmental projects, monitors day-to-day operations, and plays a key role in preparing and approving Sheba Global’s annual work plan.

Ada Cegla

Ada Cegla

Europe Director of Sheba
Global Resource Development

For over 30 years, Mrs. Cegla has been hard at work increasing public awareness of Sheba’s clinical, innovation, and research activities across the globe. In addition to playing a key role in establishing the British, French, German, and Swiss Friends of Sheba organizations, Mrs. Cegla helped secure support for critical projects that became integral to Sheba, including the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital, the Institute of Endocrinology, and the National Burn Center.

Lior Eshed

Lior Eshed

Chief Marketing Officer

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales, as well as a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, Mrs. Eshed directs all marketing activities conducted by Sheba Global. This includes the formulation of marketing strategies and the overall management of all aspects linked with their implementation.

Estee Sitton-Babecov

Adi Shinfeld, Adv

Sheba Global Legal Advisor

An attorney with ten years of experience in civil litigation, Adi joined Sheba after tenures with leading Israeli private companies, including Excellence Investment House. At Sheba Global, Adi not only provides general legal advice essential to the division’s ongoing activities, but is also in charge of overseeing the drafting of business agreements with Sheba Global partners and clients.