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Established in 1948, Sheba Medical Center’s experience and unique expertise positioned it as a clinical and research leader, having been recognized as one of the top 10 hospitals in the world for the last four years by Newsweek Magazine. Encompassing six hospitals and centers, employing over 1,900 physicians, treating over 1.9 million people each year, and running over 4,000 active research projects, Sheba is a massive healthcare facility.

In a bid to help governments, healthcare professionals, and medical institutions worldwide improve healthcare standards as well as administrative efficiencies, Sheba shares its unique expertise by offering consultancy services covering a wide range of subjects.

Working alongside local professionals, Sheba experts with extensive, hands-on experience in different facets of healthcare team up in formulating the optimal strategy to meet each need.

Our Areas of Expertise

Sheba Global offers guidance on a variety of topics, including but not limited to

Gap Analysis / Needs Assessment

Drawing on their hands-on experience as part of a large, leading healthcare institution, Sheba experts provide an in-depth evaluation of needs and deficiencies that will later be addressed during the consulting process.

IT & Digital Transformation

The digitalization of medical care presents numerous challenges and calls for an in-depth understanding of patient and caregiver needs. Sheba experts are adept at developing an enterprise digital transformation strategy accompanied by an implementation roadmap.

Medical Equipment Procurement

Optimal management of medical equipment procurement ensures that the right product is available to answer every patient and medical need without compromising quality or affordability. Leveraging its extensive experience, Sheba provides guidance on need assessment as well as procurement through national or international tenders.

HR Selection Criteria & Evaluation

New and even existing hospitals often find they lack the tools and methodologies needed to handle the recruitment and assessment of personnel. Sheba not only provides direct guidance with respect to manning key positions, but helps establish lasting procedures and processes to optimize operations.

Medical Protocol, Procedure & Policy Development

When establishing new hospitals or medical departments, experience and expertise are crucial in formulating safety, quality, operational, and procurement protocols. Leveraging insights accumulated during its many years of operation and consulting, Sheba provides comprehensive, practical guidance.

Accreditation Preparation

Local and international healthcare accreditation standards are stringent and complex. By learning from Sheba’s experts, institutions can avoid common mistakes, prevent wasting resources, and significantly accelerate the process.

Training, Simulation & Educational Program Design

Designing new training, simulation, or educational programs is an imposing, complex task that requires extensive clinical and managerial expertise to get right. Through Sheba’’s unique know-how and guidance, hospitals can streamline and significantly accelerate the process.

Health Facility Design and Planning

Besides actual construction and day-to-day operation, Sheba offers private or public bodies interested in establishing new healthcare facilities with an end-to-end solution encompassing the formulation of clinical specifications, engineering, architectural as well as infrastructure design, and much more.

Consultancy Services

The MSR-Azrieli Center for Medical Simulation is a global leader in simulation-based medical education that revolutionized how physicians and allied health personnel are trained.

Serving as a model for leading medical centers and faculties of medicine worldwide, MSR offers consulting services on a variety of topics related to the establishment and operation of a medical simulation center, including architectural design, audio-visual system debriefing, management, operation, and feedback characterization, simulator acquisition, and more.


Among the world’s first virtual hospitals, Sheba Beyond provides access to our premier medical services and leading experts for anyone, anywhere. Boasting dozens of virtual clinics utilizing the most cutting-edge telemedicine technologies and methodologies, Beyond is a recognized global leader in the field.

With medical organizations worldwide becoming aware of the value and importance of telemedicine to the future of healthcare, Sheba is pleased to share its experience and expertise, offering comprehensive consultancy and medical training to support the establishment and ongoing activities of a virtual hospital or medical service.



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