Innovation at Sheba Medical Center

& Transformation

Modern medicine has notched up incredible achievements, and through the efforts of dedicated physicians across the globe, people can now reach a much older age, an age where they are more susceptible to morbidity. Since progress in medicine also turned many diseases that were once acute into chronic, the workload of healthcare systems is rapidly increasing.

Recognizing healthcare is in dire need of a paradigm shift toward more sustainable, patient-centric solutions, Sheba Medical Center sees its duty as one of the world’s top 10 hospitals to spearhead this vital transformation.

Even with all of our resources, unique know-how, and experience in innovation, we realize that the only way to achieve the goal of making a meaningful impact on global healthcare by 2030, is to create an ecosystem that would foster and accelerate innovation.


Thus, ARC was born: An institution, ecosystem, and concept dedicated to developing and implementing the processes that would redesign healthcare globally. An acronym for Accelerate, Redesign, and Collaborate, ARC unites leading medical and academic institutions worldwide with innovative startups and strategic industry partners to develop, pilot, and roll out game-changing healthcare solutions.

By cultivating an ecosystem that prioritizes digital health, promotes open innovation, advances international collaborations, and provides a home for innovation and innovators, ARC significantly accelerates healthcare advances: pushing the boundaries of medicine on a global level.

The Future of Health

Realizing that one piece of the puzzle was still missing: a shared vision for the future of healthcare to guide ARC’s efforts, Sheba joined forces with the Federation of American Hospitals to provide a solution: The Future of Health Community.

FOH is a proactive forum of senior leaders from the world’s premier health organizations who collaborate to impact the course of global health through shared belief and collective wisdom. Serving as ARC’s guiding light, FOH not only ensures that its innovation efforts are aimed at developing solutions that achieve the greatest possible impact on healthcare, but also creates a joint vision for the future of healthcare and directs global efforts in a single direction.

Virtual Hospital

Recognizing the central role of telemedicine in the healthcare paradigm shift, Sheba created Beyond, one of the world’s first virtual hospitals.
Operating over 130 virtual clinics and handling hundreds of virtual appointments each day, Beyond provides access to Sheba’s premier medical services and leading experts for anyone, any place, any time.

The unique programs initiated and operated by Beyond include:

  • Home hospitalization
  • Multidisciplinary online rehabilitation
  • Virtual clinics
  • Remote chronic disease management
  • Expert consulting on establishing and operating telemedicine activities