According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 2 billion worldwide face vision issues, with many in low-income countries lacking access to care. Sheba's collaboration with COECSA aims to change that.

Marking a pivotal moment in global eye care, Sheba Global Ophthalmology (SGO) has embarked on an innovative partnership with the College of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa (COECSA). This strategic alliance promises to revolutionize eye care standards and accessibility across the region.

COECSA stands as a specialized virtual institution dedicated to addressing the longstanding shortage of ophthalmologists in the Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa (ECSA) region. The college focuses on training aspiring ophthalmologists at both residency and subspecialty levels, while also spearheading research, curriculum development, and policy reviews to bolster eye care interventions.

The Sheba Global Ophthalmology (SGO) initiative was established to advance global equity in eye care through a comprehensive approach involving humanitarian outreach, education, advocacy, international collaboration, and research and development. SGO focuses on low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), with a particular emphasis on capacity building and the establishment of sustainable, long-lasting eye care services.

This collaboration between SGO and COECSA represents a pivotal milestone in the advancement of eye care equity and accessibility in the ECSA region. By combining COECSA’s regional expertise and dedication with SGO’s global outreach, resources, and commitment to innovation, the partnership aims to revolutionize eye care delivery, education, and research across the region.

Signed by Didi Fabian, Executive Director of Sheba Global Ophthalmology, and Josiah Onyingo, President of COECSA, this partnership solidifies a shared commitment to leveraging expertise, resources, and collaborative efforts to enhance eye care services, capacity building initiatives, and research endeavors in the ECSA region.

The collaborative initiatives include facilitating bidirectional exchange of knowledge and resources, implementing on-site training programs, initiating research capacity programs, utilizing telemedicine solutions, collaborating on curriculum development, and establishing international fellowships.

This partnership signifies more than just a collaboration; it embodies a shared vision of empowering communities, advancing eye health equity, and transforming lives. Together, SGO and COECSA are poised to usher in a new era of comprehensive eye care excellence, breaking barriers and building a brighter future for individuals across the ECSA region and beyond.

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