Cataract - characterized by lens opacification, remains a prominent cause of blindness worldwide. The sole remedy for cataracts involves surgical removal and replacement of the opaque lens.

Cataract surgery stands as the world’s most prevalent elective procedure. In Israel, approximately 60,000 surgeries are conducted annually, with Sheba contributing around 1,300. Anticipated growth in surgical numbers is foreseen in response to an aging population and the increasing desire for an enhanced quality of life in the elderly.

Since 2015, our cataract service has systematically gathered patient data via the PROMS program. Patients undergo pre- and post-operative assessments, including the Promise Global 10 questionnaire gauging overall physical and emotional well-being, and the (CATQUEST-9SF) questionnaire offering insights into visual functioning and quality.

Each questionnaire item receives a rating, and a weighted average is calculated for each completed questionnaire. The collected data then undergoes MCID (Minimal Clinically Important Difference) statistical analysis, emphasizing the minimal quantitative change deemed clinically significant.

The details disclosed represent the post-surgical changes in the measures rated by the patients. They signify the surgery’s influence on the patients’ vision, as reported by them.Here are the outcomes of the vision test derived from the CATQUEST-9SF questionnaire, administered 1-3 months post-cataract surgery at Sheba. The ultimate results of the surgery can be anticipated within this timeframe.

As indicated by the graph, a significant majority of patients, 76%, experienced improvements surpassing the MCID compared to their pre-operative condition. It is crucial to acknowledge that numerous patients contend with additional ophthalmological comorbidities that may limit their visual potential. Consequently, despite the technical success of the surgery, some patients may not achieve improved vision due to other underlying issues with their eyes.

Results based on data from 2015 to 2022: