Establishing The Advanced Surgery Wing

Advancing Care Through Innovation

The  Need

Israel’s 2% annual population growth and increasing life expectancy, alongside rapid advancements in surgical technology, underscore the critical necessity to expand Sheba’s operating room capacity. The expansion project entails the construction of three ultra-modern operating rooms, integral to Sheba’s forthcoming Advanced Surgery Wing.

About the
Advanced Surgery Wing

The Surgery Wing’s larger, customized ORs are designed to accommodate cutting-edge surgical technologies, including advanced navigation systems, robotics, and next-generation imaging with reduced radiation for orthopedic procedures. This strategic enhancement aligns with Sheba’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of care and innovation in surgical treatments.

The Project

The advanced surgery wing aims to revolutionize patient care through advanced facilities and enhanced logistical capabilities. Here are the key details:
  • A new facility of approximately 1,860 sq. m. will be established adjacent to the existing operating room complex.
  • The construction of three new operating rooms with utility rooms and passages will incorporate 550 sq. m. of clean sterile area.
  • A dedicated 650 sq. m. engine room on the roof will provide air conditioning and logistical support infrastructure.
  • A special bridge will link the new operating rooms to the existing complex.

Sheba’s Advanced Surgery Wing

Your support can have a direct impact on the treatment and outcomes for thousands of patients. Sheba’s advanced surgery wing will transform patient care with cutting-edge facilities and improved logistical capabilities.

Join us in making a difference for those in need and extending hope beyond boundaries.