General Intensive Care Unit

The  Need

The tragic events of October 7th and the ensuing war with large numbers of severely injured soldiers and civilians markedly increased the need for life-saving Intensive care services. Sheba Medical Center transitioned rapidly into a full state of emergency, and on the same Sabbath day expedited the opening of the new General Intensive Care Unit. The Unit has been functioning at full capacity ever since, providing the highest level of care amidst this heightened demand.

About the
Intensive Care Unit

The new General Intensive Care Unit at Sheba is the largest and most advanced facility of its kind in Israel. Comprising state of the art intensive care rooms together with sophisticated isolation suites and an intermediate care unit, it features cutting-edge life support and monitoring technologies. Our team of leading intensive care physicians and nurses ensures unparalleled expertise and care for all patients.

The Project

The old ICU is outdated and doesn’t meet modern standards. Our new intensive care unit will be able to significantly improve the outcome of patients in need. Here is how this unit will revolutionize their care:

  • Sheba’s new General Intensive Care Unit has revolutionized the care of our patients and significantly improved their outcomes.
  • The unit houses a total of 24 fully equipped individual patient rooms, including 6 dedicated positive and negative pressure isolation suites and a 6 bed intermediate care unit.
  • Sophisticated computerized systems and Artificial Intelligence support integrated workflow enhancing the quality of care and patient safety.
  • The family quarters, purposely designed for comfort and functionality, includes a waiting area, kitchenette, dining area and lounging and bathroom facilities.
  • The extensive central nursing command center and medication rooms is a modern design that enables optimal control of the unit’s activities.

Sheba’s General Intensive Care Unit

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