Building a Better Tomorrow For Our Children

Acquisition of a Pediatric CT scanner and establishing a dedicated CT suite

The  Need

Sheba’s Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital serves over 200,000 children every year. Around 2,700 of these children require CT scans, presently undertaken at the adult hospital in a setting that is not equipped for pediatric needs. This underscores the crucial need for a Pediatric CT scanner and dedicated CT suite, specifically designed for our young patients, to be located in the Children’s Hospital.

About the
Dedicated CT Room for Pediatric Patients

The state of the art Pediatric Apex Platform CT Scanner allows for precise imaging, facilitating timely and effective medical interventions for pediatric patients, decreased transfers and unnecessary delays. The CT scanner for children minimizes radiation exposure while maintaining diagnostic accuracy. This specialized approach ensures that our young patients receive the highest standard of care with the least possible risk.

The Project

The establishment of dedicated CT suite in the Children’s Hospital will offer pediatric patients a child-friendly and safe environment for diagnostic procedure. The benefits for these patients include:

A Purposely Designed CT suite

Child-friendly environment, featuring colorful and comforting designs, reduced noise levels, and innovative distraction techniques help alleviate anxiety insuring a more positive experience for our young patients.

A Dedicated Pediatric CT scanner

Customizing imaging protocols to minimize radiation exposure while maintaining diagnostic accuracy.

High Resolution 3D Images

Capturing internal structures with more clarity and detail.

Precise Detection Capabilities

Will ensure more accurate assessment of diseases and abnormalities in patients.

Non-Invasive Approach

Enables more comprehensive evaluations tailored for young patients.

The Acquisition of a Pediatric CT scanner and Establishing a Dedicated CT suite

Your support of this project will create a safe, child-friendly environment, reducing radiation risks and ensuring accurate diagnoses. Together, we can improve outcomes and bring comfort to young patients and their families.

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