Restoring Hope

Revitalizing the Body and Soul of Our Heroes – Rehabilitation Equipment

The  Need

The events of October 7th and the ensuing conflict have had a profound impact on both the citizens of Israel and the nation’s healthcare infrastructure.

Sheba Medical Center has worked tirelessly to aid injured soldiers and civilians alike. As a result, there is an urgent need to upgrade our rehabilitation center by acquiring the following equipment.

Rehabilitation Equipment

Gait and Balance

Rehabilitation Hospital

ZeroG Gait and Balance Training is a robotic system that helps patients regain their mobility and independence by providing partial or full body-weight support.

Ninja Pool

Hydrotherapy Center

Ninja Pool is an innovative, interactive sports structure that provides a unique and challenging workout experience. The pool is filled with obstacles and features that are intended to test users’ agility, balance, and strength.

Cross Trainer

Rehabilitation Daycare

The Nustep cross trainer is an exercise equipment that helps people recover from injuries. It is easy to use and can be adjusted to accommodate users of all fitness levels.

Hoist System

Rehabilitation Hospital

The ceiling-mounted hoist system allows for easy and safe lifting of patients out of bed, which can help to reduce the risk of injury and improve patient comfort.


Neurological Rehabilitation

Myro is an interactive system for practicing cognitive and fine motor skills. It is a small, robotic platform that is controlled by a user’s gestures. The system can be used to play games, complete tasks, and learn new skills

Ergo Trainer

Rehabilitation Hospital

Ergo body weight-supported rehabilitation is a type of physical therapy that uses a machine to support the weight of the patient, allowing them to move more freely and with less pain. This can help patients to regain strength and mobility after an injury or surgery. 

Ceiling Sling

Rehabilitation Hospital

The MAXI SKY Ceiling sling can be used to lift and seat large patients. The sling is attached to the ceiling and can support a patient’s weight. The patient can then be lifted and seated in a comfortable position.

Underwater Treadmills

Hydrotherapy Center - SOLD

Underwater treadmills and accessories can provide gait training with advanced tracking technology. This can help to improve balance, coordination, and mobility.


Neurological Rehabilitation

EMG is a test that measures muscle activity. It can be used to evaluate spasticity, which causes stiffness and weakness in the arms and hands. EMG can help determine the severity of spasticity and identify affected muscles.


Neurological Rehabilitation

The Andago is a mobile robot that helps patients recover from stroke. It is controlled by a therapist and provides body-weight-supported gait training. It is safe and comfortable for patients, helping them regain mobility and independence.


Rehabilitation Hospital - Daycare

The endoscope is used to evaluate swallowing difficulties and disorders, which allows the doctor to see the inside of the patient’s throat and esophagus. This information can help the doctor to determine the cause of the swallowing difficulties and to develop a treatment plan.


Orthopedic Rehabilitation

The 3D LASAR is a sophisticated device that is used to test prostheses for patients after amputation. It displays a synchronized digital image of the pressure areas affecting the prosthesis, which enables precise fine-tuning to improve walking. This device is used in rehab centers to help patients regain mobility after amputation.

Driving Simulator

Rehabilitation Hospital

A driving simulator is a computer-simulated environment that allows users to practice driving in a safe and controlled environment. This can help patients regain their confidence and skills.


Respiratory Rehabilitation

The bronchoscope is a medical device used to examine the airway and lungs. It is inserted through the mouth or nose and can be used to collect specimens and assess infections, bleeding, collapsed lungs, and other problems.

Gladiator Multitrainer

Respiratory Rehabilitation

The Gladiator Multitrainer is a multi-purpose strengthener that lets you work with your weight. It is used to help patients build strength and endurance. It can be used for squats, lunges, and push-ups, and is adjustable to suit your needs.

Walking Bars

Orthopedic Rehabilitation - physiotherapy

Dynamic parallel walking bars are adjustable height bars that help patients recover from orthopedic injuries by gradually increasing the amount of weight they bear on their legs.

Poolside Hoist

Hydrotherapy Center

The poolside hoist is used to transfer patients from a wheelchair into and out of the water. It is a safe and effective way to help patients with mobility issues participate in hydrotherapy.