The Institute for Pain Management

Pioneering Hope: Transforming the way we Manage Pain at Sheba

The  Need

It is estimated that about 1.5 million Israelis suffer from chronic pain and an additional 500,000 experience acute pain from injuries and surgery. In the 1980s, Sheba established the Institute for Pain Management, which currently treats around 6,000 patients a year. While most pain is addressed and treated, there is a need to push further our pain relief initiative and provide imaging-guided intervention and outpatient care, which will allow for a more comprehensive approach toward managing troubled areas and a significant boost in clinical procedures.

About the
Institute for Pain Management

The Institute for Pain Management provides a wide range of treatments for chronic pain, which cover medical management, IV and injection treatments, ablative, radiofrequency heat procedures and cryoanalgesia, spinal cord stimulators, and special palliative treatment protocols for patients requiring end-of-life care.

The Project

The Institute for Pain Management will expand and add some much needed innovative improvements for the benefit of our patients. These will include:

Cancer Pain Management

Medical and radiation oncologists at Sheba ensure effective management of advanced cancer pain through neurolytic blocks or implanted devices for neuraxial pain medication delivery, addressing the needs of patients with compassion and expertise.

Outpatient Care

These services encompass evaluation and treatment for prevalent pain conditions such as arthritis, back pain, central pain resulting from stroke or spinal cord injury, among others.

In-House Pain Management for Acute and Postoperative Pain Management

This will offer dedicated resident and attending coverage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chronic Benign Pain Management

Patients suffering exacerbations of medically-related and oncological pain during their stay in the hospital are treated by the chronic pain management team.

Sheba’s Institute for Pain Management

Your support can transform lives at Sheba’s Institute for Pain Management. With innovative treatments and dedicated care, we can provide relief and hope to thousands of people suffering from chronic pain. Your contribution will make a profound difference in their journey toward recovery and comfort.