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Radiotherapy MRI Simulator Unit

The  Need

Radiation therapy is a non-invasive means of destroying tumors located deep within the body and plays a fundamental role in cancer treatment. The critical first step in radiation therapy is the planning stage whereby the performance of high-quality imaging identifies the size and precise location of the tumor. This imaging is performed with a dedicated machine called a Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI) Simulator.

MRI has made a tremendous impact on our ability to visualize soft tissue and is rapidly being applied as the most effective, informative and safest method of imaging, superior to the previously used Computerized Tomography (CT) in differentiating tumor from surrounding soft tissues.

About the
MRI Simulator Unit

The MRI Simulator Unit performs the initial scans used for planning radiotherapy treatment, an essential therapy that utilizes radiation to eliminate cancerous cells. MRI based planning (simulation) is critical to effect cure of cancer and preserve quality of life as it creates a 3-dimensional model of the patient based on MRI data which allows precise definition of the target, while segregating the surrounding healthy tissue.

The Project

The MRI Simulator Unit has vastly improved outcomes for cancer patients in a number of ways. Here are some examples:

Improved Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer

MRI imaging has revolutionized the management of prostate cancer. MRI guided biopsies, MRI guided stereotactic radiation therapy and brachytherapy are new exciting possibilities, currently performed only selectively due to lack of resources.

Cervical Cancer

The use of MRI to plan high dose rate brachytherapy has been shown to reduce disease recurrence and complications compared to CT based planning.

Stereotactic Ablation Therapy of Liver Metastasis

With an MRI, up to one third of cancer patients with 1-3 liver metastasis may be cured by application of precise doses of radiation therapy.

The Radiotherapy MRI Simulator Unit

Together, we can offer hope and continue to provide quick, compassionate, and precise care to all who arrive at the Radiotherapy MRI Simulator Unit.

Your support can play a vital role in transforming cancer care for thousands of patients from Israel and across the globe.