Dr. Gober's volunteer service at Sheba highlighted her solidarity and fortified her connection to her own Judaism and Zionism.

The physical and psychological ripple effect that the atrocities of October 7th had did not subside at our borders, they extended across the globe to everyone who had formed a connection with Israel. In a great display of solidarity, planes packed with individuals spontaneously leaving their lives behind to offer support in the army reserves, in specialized fields and within the healthcare sector were landing amid the chaos of our darkest moments.

Answering Israel’s Call for Rehabilitation

Florida native, Dr. Joslyn Gover, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist was one of those individuals. Having been raised in a Jewish and Zionist home, the State of Israel has always been a focal point of her life. When news of the attacks reached her, she felt the restless need to make a difference that many of us felt. When she heard that there was a need for rehabilitation doctors, she thought “what better way could I help than use the medicine I’m passionate about?”

Upon her arrival, Dr. Gober was placed at Sheba, where she worked with Prof. Israel Dudkiewicz, Chairman of the Rehabilitation Division, and in the head trauma unit alongside Dr. Aleksandra Plavsic, Director of the Head Trauma Rehabilitation Department. Since arriving, she has worked with people of all ages, treating both routine brain injuries like strokes, to injuries directly sustained from the war.

Dr. Joslyn Gober with Prof. Israel Dudkiewicz at Sheba Medical Center.

Reflecting on Her Volunteer Experience

When talking about her experience, she elaborated saying, “I have a lot of experience with brain injuries, but not ones associated with wars, and it hits very differently when you’re no longer seeing things from afar. Being involved and being a part of the community is very meaningful. What’s incredible,are the outcomes despite the severe and significant trauma. When you’re seeing a lot of young soldiers with pretty significant brain injuries, you see rather incredible outcomes.”

Gratitude and Reflection

Now back in Florida, Dr. Gober often reflects on her time as a volunteer at Sheba. While it did come with some challenges, it overall reignited her passion for healthcare and gifted her with a deeper understanding and connection to her own judaism and zionist beliefs. Moments like her visit to the site of the Nova Music Festival and a kibbutz left a profound impact on her, as well as the warmth and welcome she received at Sheba, from volunteers to department heads.

We express our most sincere gratitude to Joslyn for generously sharing her time and expertise with us. We commend her dedication and the valuable contributions she made during her time at Sheba.

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