Australia’s foremost provider of comprehensive home care, Silverchain, has joined forces with Sheba Beyond, one of the world’s first virtual hospitals, and ARC, Sheba’s global innovation ecosystem, to offer advanced telemedicine services in an agreement recently formalized as part of a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

Ms. Dale Fisher AM, Chief Executive of Silverchain, expressed her enthusiasm about the groundbreaking collaboration, stating, “This MoU represents a remarkable union of three outstanding entities – Silverchain, Sheba Beyond, and Sheba’s ARC. It is the first time a Sheba MoU in Australia has involved Sheba Beyond, and we are inspired to be part of such a high-caliber collaboration.”

This partnership is expected to pioneer revolutionary new models of home care by harnessing innovative digital technologies. Together, Silverchain’s extensive experience in providing complex health and senior care in homes and Sheba’s accelerated approach to digital health promises to shape the future of home-based healthcare services.

Sheba and Silverchain to provide care to more than 115000 Australians per year

Empowered by Sheba’s extensive clinical expertise and technological innovation, Silverchain will be able to enhance the care it provides to more than 115,000 Australians each year, optimizing outcomes and elevating the patient experience.

On its part, Sheba will benefit from Silverchain’s applied research expertise, which focuses on enhancing the safety and accessibility of in-home care, with particular emphasis on mental health, palliative care, cardiology, rehabilitation, and acute health care.

Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer as well as Founder and Director of ARC, emphasized the importance of the partnership. “Our vision with Silverchain surpasses mere collaboration; together, we are forging a path toward true transformation. Our joint mission is to drive growth and significantly improve how care is delivered to homes across Australia. This endeavor is not solely about changing the care model, but also about promoting better health equity for all Australians.”.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to the Australian Friends of Sheba and Executive Director Idan Goldberger, in particular, for their invaluable contributions that helped make this collaboration a reality.

Sheba joins forces with Silverchain to pioneer digital health innovation in home-based treatment.