Acclaimed Actor Idan Amedi discussed his service in Gaza and his recovery at Sheba after suffering from severe injuries.

On January 25th, moments before being discharged from Sheba, singer, actor, and reserve soldier Idan Amedi, best known for his role in the hit TV series ‘Fauda,’ spoke at a press conference. Having been severely injured while serving in Gaza, the acclaimed actor shared about his experiences on the battlefield, the injuries he sustained and about his future ambitions in acting and music. 

Following a tragic incident that took the lives of six soldiers, Idan recalled, “I was burned to the point that no one recognized me. Shrapnel pierced my neck and spine, and I am lucky that none of it hit any main blood vessels. I also have broken bones, including fingers, but I know I will get back to playing guitar and hopefully, I will be able to be in ‘Fauda’ season five.”

Following the incident, Idan was flown by helicopter to Sheba and was immediately sedated and intubated for several days in the ICU. By the time the actor awoke, he immediately appeared to be on a steady path to recovery. Sheba’s medical specialists have commented that while Idan does have a long rehabilitation period ahead of him, he is expected to fully recuperate. 

Singer and actor Idan Amedi in an IDF military outfit shaking hands with another IDF soldier.

During the press conference, Idan wiped tears from his eyes and stated, “People tell me I am a hero and symbol, but I am just one of everyone. If there is one good thing that happened from my injuries, it is that I can be an ambassador for those who have also been injured. It’s important to let them have space to express their pain, both physical and emotional. It will take a long time for them to heal, so please accept them with understanding,” he said.

Given how quickly he is recovering, doctors at Sheba have agreed that Idan can avoid in-patient rehabilitation and undergo physical and psychological rehab with Sheba Beyond, our virtual hospital services. Since the start of the war, Sheba Beyond has been exceeding the conventional boundaries of telemedicine. It has been offering injured soldiers an array of innovative features, including at-home screening tests, personalized online rehabilitation programs, psychiatric home hospitalization, home cardiac rehabilitation, and a host of additional services. 

With that, We would like to thank Idan for his brave service to our nation and wish him the best of luck recovering.

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