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Leading the World in Saving Lives & Returning Them to Routine

The largest number of hostages treated since October 7…the largest number of soldiers and civilians treated since October 7…the increasing percentages of critically injured soldiers and civilians being saved by our skilled surgeons…the largest percentage of soldiers in innovative rehabilitation programs in order to return them to a daily routine.

Facts are facts. No hospital in the world at this moment is in the midst of an on-going daily battle to use its medical talents and innovations in order to heal the bodies and souls of hundreds of soldiers and civilians, as is Sheba Medical Center. Yes, our colleagues in other Israeli hospitals are also doing a great job to save lives. But as the largest hospital in Israel and the region, Sheba’s staff is being tested 24/7 to make the impossible – possible.

You can say that since I helm our international media and public relations, I’m imbued with a certain sense of prejudice. Yet once more, facts are facts! Our hospital is being inundated with visitors from around the world, who wish to see, hear and experience what we have accomplished. And, in this edition, you will indeed be exposed to what the media has discovered and reported without bias about our incredible life-saving methods.

Seeing is believing.

ido fabian

Sheba’s Battle to Save & Restore Lives

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doctor on call

The Incredible Story of the Golan Family

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mona kidon

How Prof. Haik Saved the Golan Family

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Sheba Microsurgeon Offers Hope to Amputees

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