Major Elia Omer’s life took an unpredictable turn when injured in Gaza. While being treated at Sheba, his true merits came to light.

When news of a Gaza ground operation was announced, countless people feared for their loved ones serving in the army. Injuries and casualties would inevitably be a reality many would face and no family member wanted to be on the receiving end of that dreadful call. Sheba Global Head of International Media and Public Affairs, Steve Walz would have never guessed he would have been one of the first people to get that call.

Steve’s son-in-law, IDF Company Tank Commander, Major Elia Omer was facing combat in Northern Gaza when he was overwhelmed by enemy fire. Despite sustaining serious injuries, including shrapnel to the jaw and lung, as well as a bullet wound that nearly pierced his liver, Elia refused to succumb to his dire condition. 

As Elia was hurriedly taken to the operating room, Walz received the terrible news from his daughter Hadar. He immediately rushed to Sheba to check on the condition of his son-in-law. When he met Elia in the ICU, the situation appeared grim. 

For a week Elia was unconscious and intubated in Sheba’s new ICU with Hadar by his side the entire time. Upon regaining consciousness, the major’s first expression was one of deep concern for his squad. His worry for the well-being of his comrades, even in the face of his own challenging condition, serves as a testament to the resilience and dedication that define Elia as a top-tier major. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for his dedicated service and wish him a swift and complete recovery.

IDF Major Elia Omer sitting at the ICU clinic at Sheba's Returning to Life rehabilitation department

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