In a remarkable example of international collaboration, Sheba Medical Center and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne have embarked on a partnership that showcases the power of innovation, clinical expertise, and shared vision in the fight against one of the world’s most pressing health challenges.

Central to this partnership is a groundbreaking research initiative that combines state-of-the-art technology with exceptional medical expertise. Teaming up with the 3D Imaging Lab at Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center and its Augmented Reality Hub, Sheba and Peter MacCallum are pushing the boundaries of medical imaging. This collaborative endeavor takes standard CT-MRI scans and transforms them into intricate 3D models that can be rotated and zoomed in and out in a virtual reality environment using AI algorithms. This technology offers surgeons unprecedented visualization of tumors, enabling much more efficient and precise surgical planning. 

The joint effort brings together exceptional medical minds from both institutions, led by Dr. Eyal Mor, Dr. Daniel Hadar, and Dr. Michal Eifer from Sheba Medical Center, renowned for their expertise in melanoma, sarcoma, genitourinary oncology, and nuclear medicine, respectively. The pioneering trio, currently based in Melbourne, is leading the charge toward a new era of cancer care.

Sheba and Peter MacCallum Working Together in Surgical Oncology

“Together with the Peter MacCallum team, we’re breaking new ground and exploring uncharted territories in surgical oncology. The potential to change lives is truly inspiring,” explained Dr. Danielle Hadar. Remarking on the Sheba-Peter Mac partnership, Dr. Hadar added: “The collaboration between these two leading institutions is not just unique; it’s a first of its kind globally. The integration of Sheba’s ARC Center’s technology with Peter MacCallum’s surgical expertise represents the future of surgical planning and navigation.”

Dr. Eyal Mor also shared his thoughts on the project, stating, “This technology is giving surgeons an entirely new way to see what’s occurring inside the patient’s body and could support even better surgical outcomes.”

Sheba and Peter MacCallum Strengthening Scientific Relationship

Besides its practical clinical importance, the cooperation strengthens the scientific relationship between the institutions, bringing Sheba’s innovative healthcare approach to Australia and promoting partnerships on a global scale.

In the words of Idan Goldberger, CEO of the Australian Friends of Sheba Medical Centre, “The collaboration between Sheba and Peter MacCallum is more than a partnership; it’s a harmonious fusion of minds and visions. Visionary leaders and researchers have nurtured a strong, organic connection that enables us to strive toward groundbreaking achievements. This synergy is a testament to innovation and a humble tribute to the transformative power of teamwork.”

As this project unfolds and the collaboration evolves, we look forward to new developments in cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment.

Sheba and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre join forces to develop technology for VR visualization of tumors.

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