President Herzog congratulated Shebal for its sixth consecutive ranking among NewsWeek’s world's best hospitals, praising resilience and professionalism

In light of Newsweek and Statista Inc. ranking Sheba amid the world’s best hospitals for a sixth consecutive year, President Isaac Herzog extended his heartfelt congratulations and recognition to us for receiving such an esteemed honor. 

In the president’s own words, he stated, “Being ranked as the 9th best hospital in the world, particularly at this time, says so much about Sheba and so much about Israel. It says so much about resilience in the face of overwhelming challenges and about the determination to hold onto excellence even in the darkest of circumstances.” 

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Speaking in depth on some of the challenges we faced since the start of Operation Sword of Iron, the president further remarked, “Since the October 7th attacks, Sheba has received with open arms hundreds and hundreds of injured soldiers and civilians. People who bear on their bodies and in their spirits the horrible marks of terrorism and war. With sensitivity, outstanding dedication and world-class professionalism, it has accompanied civilian hostages coming home on their first steps toward recovery.”

In conclusion Herzog said, “Despite incredibly trying circumstances, Sheba has not only maintained its position as a leading hospital for the sixth consecutive year but has also advanced in the ranking. A truly stunning feat, I want to thank my good friend, Director General of Sheba, Professor Yitshak Kreiss, as well as the entire management and board, and all employees at the heart and center of the hospital who inspire us greatly.”

Thank you, President Herzog, for standing with Sheba and extending your congratulations.

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