Prof. Gili Kenet's groundbreaking study offers hope to Hemophilia B patients by weekly tissue factor pathway inhibitor treatments.

Prof. Gili Kenet, a pediatric hematologist at Sheba’s Israeli National Hemophilia Center and an acclaimed professor at the Sackler Medical School revealed the latest breakthrough regarding Hemophilia, the complex congenital bleeding disorder, which disrupts the clotting process due to insufficient coagulation factors.

Traditionally, patients with Hemophilia B undergo prophylactic treatments multiple times a week. However, in Prof. Kenet’s recent study, she explored a new approach—rebalancing the entire coagulation cascade and administering an inhibitor to the tissue factor pathway subcutaneously once weekly. This method resulted in an outcome that significantly surpassed conventional replacement therapies.

Young Hemophilia Patient Achieves Dream

One of Prof. Kenet’s patients, a young boy who has been suffering from Hemophilia B for his entire life, has been a standout example of this treatment’s potential. For years, it was his dream to play soccer, however, his condition made doing so a gigantic risk to his health. Not long after receiving her treatment, this boy’s father sent her a photo of this boy finally achieving his dream on the field.

We commend Professor Gili Kenet’s team, including Dr. Tami Barazani Brutman, PhD, Head of the clinical studies team at the National Hemophilia Center and Thrombosis Institute, for their instrumental role in this study.

Prof. Gili Kenet talking about hemophilia. The image has the notion "Play Video" on the bottom right with the play icon on the center.

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