ARC Innovation partnered with RWJBarnabas Health for HealthSpace2030, driving cutting-edge healthcare solutions and fostering innovation in Jersey City.

Last Month, ARC Innovation announced a new partnership with RWJBarnabas Health, who will act as an anchoring partner for its innovation hub, HealthSpace2030 located in Jersey City’s SciTech Scity. RWJBarnabas Health is set to become a founding member of the project, marking it as the inaugural design partner for the health innovation hub. This hub is part of a larger initiative, a $450 million, 30-acre digital innovation “city” located in SciTech Scity.

Advancing Wellness with Innovative Technologies

HealthSpace2030 will act as a platform to demonstrate state-of-the-art technologies focused on fostering wellness, addressing chronic conditions, and improving health equity. As an integral part of this endeavor, ARC Innovation will oversee the deployment of innovative home health technologies, such as sensors, artificial intelligence systems, communication platforms, and robotics, in residences located within Scholars Village in Jersey City.

Executive Vice President for RWJBarnabas Health and President and Chief Executive Officer for Jersey City Medical Center, Michael Prilutsky stated the following, “This collaboration aligns seamlessly with RWJBarnabas Health’s mission to advance health equity and drive clinical innovation. By leveraging the resources and expertise of ARC Innovation, as well as future partners in the SciTech Scity hub, we will spearhead transformative healthcare solutions in our communities.”

Within this initiative, RWJBarnabas Health will play a pivotal role in shaping the concept of the next-generation hospital. This encompasses the design of hospital rooms, surgical facilities, intensive care units, and outpatient clinics. Additionally, RWJBarnabas Health will gain entry to the extensive ARC Innovation network, comprising more than 100 startups, 35 healthcare providers, and 20 industry collaborators on a global scale.

Empowering Communities On a Global Scale

HealthSpace2030 (LAH 2030), led by ARC Innovation, will exhibit cutting-edge technologies in advanced home health, including data-generating sensors, AI-driven predictive solutions, communication technologies, control towers, remote interventions, and robotics. These innovations will be showcased within SciTech Scity and deployed in residences across Scholars Village and other areas of Jersey City. The focus will be on promoting wellness, managing chronic conditions like Diabetes at home, and advancing health equity. Situated in a low-income district of Jersey City, Liberty Science Center and SciTech Scity aim to leverage these digital and home healthcare advancements to benefit underserved communities locally and globally. 

Orli Biger, CEO of HealthSpace2030 stated the following, “This project brings together healthcare entities in the region, academic centers, medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies and startups to collectively create a space where key participants of the healthcare ecosystem will work together to determine what we need, how it needs to be delivered, and ultimately how to best create new solutions. RWJBarnabas Health will play a key role in accelerating digital health in New Jersey, and we believe this will serve as a model that can impact care delivery across the country.”

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