Seth Ben-Yishai exemplifies dedication by aiding injured soldiers to recovery at Sheba.

Like countless other people across the globe, when New York physical therapist Seth Ben-Yishai heard the news of the horrific events which led to Operation Swords of Iron, he felt a duty to put his life on pause and come to Israel. For almost two months, he has been guiding soldiers on a path toward rehabilitation in Sheba’s ‘Returning to Life’ unit.

Family Legacy Fuels Seth’s Dedication to Israel

His drive to help Israel and his connection to the land aren’t only ignited by his Judaism, but his own family legacy. Following the Yom Kippur war, Seth’s father was commissioned by Israel’s Department of Defense to establish the nation’s first Traumatic Brain Injury program. During the program’s early years, Seth called Israel home and formed a love for the country that never wore off.

It was witnessing his father’s willingness to help others that initially motivated Seth to become a physical therapist, and ultimately his father’s work played a significant role in his eagerness to volunteer his expertise at Sheba. When looking back on his experience, he remarked that seeing injured soldiers rehabilitate from a wheelchair to walking on their own to feet has made his experience one he’ll never forget.

Physical therapist Seth Ben-Yishai talking about volounteering at Sheba. The image has the notion "Play Video" on the bottom right with the play icon on the center.

Ben-Yishai’s Heartfelt Appreciation

We cannot extend enough gratitude to Seth Ben-Yishai. His support and the solidarity he showed us will forever be appreciated. When discussing his volunteer work at Sheba, Ben-Yishai commented, “Sheba is an absolute microcosm of what Israel is. There’s effort, there’s unity, progress in everything, and everyone’s attitudes are great.”

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