General Catalyst is a leading US-based venture capital firm specializing in early-stage and growth investments across various industries, including technology, healthcare, and consumer goods. Known for its strategic approach and deep industry knowledge, General Catalyst not only provides financial support to entrepreneurs but also offers valuable guidance and resources to help them navigate the complex challenges of building and expanding their businesses.

Sheba is the first Israeli partner of the General Catalyst Health Assurance Ecosystem

Sheba is set to become the first Israeli partner and the second partner worldwide to join the General Catalyst Health Assurance Ecosystem, working together to advance innovative medical solutions, share investment opportunities, and accelerate digital transformation in healthcare.

“This collaboration is essential for accelerating digital health, propelling us towards a future where healthcare is proactive, preventative, and cost-effective,” explained Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer at Sheba, as well as Founder and Director of the ARC Innovation Center. “Our partnership with General Catalyst is another step in ARC’s mission to lead health transformation globally.”

The new partnership between Sheba and General Catalyst will encompass strategic collaboration to expedite Sheba’s digital transformation, co-creating innovative solutions aligned with shared priorities, sharing investment opportunities in General Catalyst’s and ARC’s portfolio companies, and setting up an innovation sandbox for the testing and refining of cutting-edge solutions.

Daryl Tol, Head of the Health Assurance Ecosystem at General Catalyst, emphasized the shared commitment of both parties to innovation. “Sheba is a global leader in innovation. In addition to the health system’s commitment to transformation, it has worked hard to spread ripples of change through the creation of ARC. We are like-minded agents of change and believers in radical collaboration. We’re excited to continue to build a movement around innovation in healthcare and acknowledge that stronger together is a global truth.”

We look forward to working alongside Catalyst, accelerating the integration of advanced technologies, and shaping a brighter future for patients worldwide.

Sheba is the first Israeli partner of the General Catalyst Health Assurance Ecosystem.

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