Sheba has recently signed a landmark memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Vin University in Vietnam, which will set the stage for exciting knowledge-sharing and medical training collaborations.

One of the key programs outlined in the MOU is a visiting experts agreement, where Sheba Medical Center will send its renowned experts to Vin University’s healthcare facility, helping tol enhance patient care on-site.
Additionally, Vin University healthcare professionals will attend clinical and managerial courses at Sheba’s medical campus, gaining firsthand insight into of one of the world’s best healthcare facilities.

Sheba will also provide a wide range of online medical courses, providing Vin University professionals with convenient access to advanced learning resources and the chance to interact with Sheba’s experts from anywhere in the world. Moreover, Sheba will provide consultation services in various areas such as IT and digital transformation, medical equipment procurement, as well as healthcare facility design and planning.

Sheba and Vin University: Highlighting the 3D Technology

The collaboration between Sheba Medical Center and Vin University also highlights the significance of 3D technology in the medical field. Led by Dr. Dina Orkin, Chair of the Division of Operation Theater and 3D Tech Lab at Sheba Medical Center, a two-week program on 3D Technology in Surgical Planning and Preparation will commence shortly after the signing of the agreement. This program will delve into the intricate workings of Sheba’s cutting-edge 3D laboratory, showcasing its integration within operating rooms. Participants will gain comprehensive insights into the applications of 3D printing in orthopedics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and other surgical departments.

Vin University, established by Vingroup, the largest private conglomerate in Vietnam, is a not-for-profit university located in Hanoi. The university aims to be a center of excellence in education and talent development for the future.

The MOU between Sheba Medical Center and Vin University marks a significant milestone in international collaboration and knowledge exchange in the medical field. Through these joint initiatives, medical professionals in Vietnam will have the opportunity to benefit from Sheba’s expertise and experience, further enhancing healthcare standards and capabilities in the region. This partnership demonstrates the power of global cooperation in advancing medical education and improving patient care worldwide.

A collaboration was signed between Shebaa and Vin University, as they signed an MOU promoting knowledge sharing and educational programs.

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