In April 2021, Sheba Medical Center and Tampa General Hospital announced a partnership grounded in a shared commitment to accelerating medical innovation and best practices.

Tampa General Hospital (TGH), one of the most comprehensive medical facilities in West Central Florida, and Sheba concluded a collaboration agreement aimed at advancing healthcare through research and innovation.

Both organizations have already launched innovation centers supporting emerging companies through the development of healthcare solutions. In 2020, Tampa General founded TGH InnoVentures to spur innovation within the institution and support early-stage startups. Sheba established ARC, its global innovation ecosystem in 2019, which have since become a leading international presence in healthcare innovation.

During the next three years, the two organizations will collaborate on:

  • Education & Training
  • Driving Innovation
  • Scientific Events
  • Bilateral Research

This isn’t the first collaboration between Sheba and Tampa General

This latest collaboration is not the first experience TGH and Sheba Medical Center have working together, as both organizations first came together in June 2020 to present a COVID-19-focused webinar where they shared experiences and insights. The successful event gave rise to the idea of expanding collaborative efforts.

“We are very excited to be working closely with Tampa General Hospital, one of America’s foremost academic medical facilities, said Yoel Har-Even, Head of Sheba Global. We believe that combining our collective medical knowledge and Sheba’s innovative technological know-how will be beneficial to the metropolitan Tampa region, Florida and the world as a whole.”

Over the next few months, TGH and Sheba Medical Center will work together in identifying opportunities to translate innovation and new developments into real world applications for the benefit of patients across the globe.

The partnership with Sheba will boost our vision for Tampa General Hospital to be the safest and most innovative academic health center in America, said TGH President and CEO, John Couris. We will be sharing our talents in the areas of education, training, research and technology that will directly impact the lives of the people we care for in Tampa, across the region, the state, and eventually even beyond.

At Sheba, we believe that in order to advance care and promote the crucial paradigm shift in medicine, towards more sustainable, patient-centered solutions, governments, academic institutions, and leading medical organizations must pool resources and work together as no one as no one organization or sector can achieve change by itself.

Through strategic agreements with some of the world’s leading healthcare institutions, and other, more focused collaborations, Sheba drives progress, continually improves patient care, and supports colleagues worldwide in making a real difference for the benefit of their communities.

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