In an era marked by global healthcare challenges, alliances that seek to elevate standards and build resilient health systems are imperative, and an ongoing mission that Sheba puts at the forefront of its global activities.

Unprecedented Crisis in Africa

Africa is facing an unprecedented crisis as a result of diseases, climate change, water shortages, food security, and epidemics. Not only are these challenges putting the continent and its citizens at risk, but they are also significantly impacting international markets.

At the recent Second African Health Harm Reduction Conference held in Morocco, Sheba made its presence felt, both as a thought leader and as an advocate for African healthcare, represented by an esteemed delegation, including Sheba Deputy Director General, Prof. Arnon Afek, Dr. Galia Barkai, Director of Sheba’s Beyond Virtual Hospital, Prof. Eyal Leshem, Director of Sheba’s Travel Medicine and Tropical Diseases Center, and Dana Weiner, Head of Sheba’s Diet and Nutrition Unit. The conference, which was a nexus of experts, stakeholders, and policymakers from across the globe, delved deep into challenges and strategies related to harm reduction in the vast and diverse continent of Africa.

Speaking at the event, Prof. Eyal Leshem emphasized the need for harm reduction from respiratory and food-borne infectious diseases: “Lower respiratory infections (LRI) are a major cause of global morbidity and mortality. In 2019, there were 488 million cases that resulted in 4 million deaths, with the highest incidence in Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia.”

On his part, Prof. Arnon Afek emphasized the critical role healthcare providers have in reducing damage to the population by bringing environmental issues to the forefront.

Bridging Health Gaps in Africa

Sheba’s delegation not only provided invaluable insights through lectures, but also took a significant step in its commitment to Africa’s healthcare landscape as part of a new landmark agreement.

During its time in Morocco, the delegation signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on behalf of Sheba with African Global Health (AGH) to enhance healthcare systems throughout the African continent, focusing primarily on capacity-building. This includes the promotion of seminars, workshops, and training courses – tools essential for the development of robust health systems.

While Africa grapples with myriad health challenges, Sheba proudly promotes partnerships that offer hope. By pooling expertise and resources and creating a shared vision, we can pave the way for improved healthcare outcomes and the mitigation of risks associated with various health hazards, providing the bedrock for sustainable solutions and a brighter health future for all.

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