For six consecutive years, Newsweek has ranked Sheba Medical Center among the world’s top hospitals.

We are pleased to announce that for the sixth consecutive year, Sheba has been recognized as one of the best hospitals in the world by Newsweek and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider, coming in at No. 9.

The credibility for such an astounding bestowment cannot be attributed to any single department, individual or team, but to every doctor, nurse, coordinator, and staff member who has been dedicated to top-tier healthcare on a global scale.

Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Director General of Sheba Medical Center, stated;

“This achievement represents a resounding endorsement by our colleagues around the world. Sheba is working diligently to make Israel a better, healthier place and highlights our abilities to be both a center of medical excellence, as well as a beacon of co-existence, where Jewish and Arab medical personnel are working side by side 24/7 to save the lives of civilians and soldiers- Jews, Moslems and Christians alike. The last five months have significantly challenged us and forced us to adapt. However, it has also demonstrated our resilience and unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge care for all our patients. Our mission to provide healthcare without boundaries, from trauma to rehab, repairing body and soul, rising above politics and conflict, is what makes Sheba Medical Center, a world class facility and a ray of hope for humanity.”

Prof. Yitshak Kreiss stated

Our Commitment to Medical Excellence

Newsweek’s methodology in ranking the world’s top hospitals takes into account recommendations from medical experts, the patient experience, results from patient surveys, hospital quality metrics, as well as PROMs implementation surveys – all collectively reflecting the core values and standards that define Sheba Medical Center.

Sheba encapsulates a unique healthcare ecosystem, comprising six comprehensive hospitals renowned for their medical expertise and innovative practices. Serving as a beacon of excellence, Sheba stands as a City of Health, placing equal emphasis on prevention, wellness, and treatment. With its leading doctors regularly featured on Forbes lists, showcasing the exceptional skills and expertise of our healthcare professionals, Sheba delivers specialized care and top-tier healthcare services to patients from around the world.

Global Medical Care Without Boundaries

Being the leader in healthcare within Israel and the region, it has never been our ambition to make Israel the sole focal point of our cutting-edge treatments and personalized care. Sheba’s mission is to extend hope beyond boundaries. In 2023 alone, Sheba’s Global Patient Services made it possible for thousands of patients from across every continent to come to Israel for the treatment they could not receive in their home countries.

From the first consultation, our staff of dedicated medical professionals provide patients with a 360 degree approach to their care, which instills in our patients a sense of community and belonging despite any cultural or religious differences. Having decades of experience working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, we always make sure that each patient in Sheba’s care is provided with a medical coordinator who will guide them on their journey at Sheba in their own language and ensure they feel at home throughout their journey.

Our medical coordinators play a pivotal role in our approach to patient-centric care, creating a flow of complete transparency between doctors and patients as they access our cutting edge technologies, precise diagnostics, treatment plans tailored to their unique case and long-term rehabilitation programs.

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Innovating Medical Care in 2023

Being committed to the health of our patients goes hand in hand with a dedication to innovation. Throughout the years, we have been on a constant mission to revolutionize medical care. Since establishing the ARC Innovation Center in 2019, we have doubled down on that mission. In 2023 alone, we achieved significant milestones. These include AIDOC’s AI-based medical scans, our partnering with XRHealth to pioneer the first fully VR-based hospital, MICA AI’s DENISE technology, which aids in breast cancer detection, and launching Shoni Health Ventures to support early-stage healthtech startups for innovation.

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Our Ongoing Mission

Being ranked by Newsweek as the 9th best hospital in the world is a major achievement and an honor, yet our greatest reward lies in the lives we touch and the hope we instill. Together, with our dedicated team of medical professionals, we will continue to push the boundaries of medical advancement, ensuring that every patient receives the highest standard of care regardless of their background or where they live. Thank you for entrusting us with your health and allowing us to be a beacon of hope beyond boundaries.

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