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The “Context” in Which to Tell Sheba’s Story to the World


To say that Israel’s image in the world in the aftermath of October 7 has been ‘tarnished’ is an understatement. As the largest hospital in Israel, the battle to preserve Sheba’s image during the ‘Swords of Iron’ war in the global mass media, has been a herculean task.

Despite the positive buzz about our #9 ranking as a ‘World’s Best Hospital’ by Newsweek/Statista, international print/tv and digital media outlets, continue to cast a wary eye on Sheba.

Numerous media outlets from the USA have visited the Sheba campus and conducted a series of interviews with our doctors (Jewish and Arab), as well as the rehabbing soldiers and civilians. But in many cases, these interviews have NEVER been aired. Lots of excuses and explanations from producers and editors have been tossed my way, but one in particular stood out, when a journalist from one of the top newspapers in the USA, who was given unprecedented access to an Israeli Arab surgeon and the Jewish soldier he saved and befriended, used that word—”context”—! The story never appeared.

Only the issue of returning hostages to Sheba and our tending loving care provided to them has spurred universally positive media coverage on a global scale. And even that coverage “wears off”, as the brutal treatment of all the hostages, especially the women, has been questioned.

However, we continue to persevere in telling our story of battling to save the lives of soldiers and civilians, whether they are Jewish, Christian, Moslem etc. 24/7 and while doing so, integrate new and emerging technologies that at the end of the day, will be exported and used to benefit all of humanity!!!

In this week’s edition, you will be able to watch several positive, eye-opening stories about our work during the war, including volunteer doctors from the USA who came to assist Sheba’s orthopedic surgery team with wounded doctors and civilians.

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