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The Eyes of the World Upon Sheba

Though Sheba Medical Center has been ranked amongst the Top 10 “World’s Best Hospitals” for five out of the last 6 years by Newsweek/Statista, this year’s nomination generated unprecedented global media coverage.

While the country’s embattled government and military have been targeted by hostile forces in the political sphere and a growing number of media outlets, Sheba has drowned out the noise of war outside its doors, by concentrating on what it does best inside its operating theaters and treatment centers—battling to save the lives of civilians and soldiers alike, from all walks of life and religions.

The conflict has also enabled our talented staff to create and perfect a growing number of technologies that are destined to enable humanity as a whole to cope with maladies that impact the body and soul. In the coming weeks, you will hear, see and read about game-changing technologies using AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will change the way we think about mental health, as well as physical rehabilitation.

These are the ingredients which intrigue and impact the various Newsweek/Statista surveys, which are conducted ahead of posting various global hospital rankings during the year.

Mind you, Sheba jumped back onto the Top 10 list this year, despite the fact that Newsweek/Statista increased the number of participating countries to 30 .When Newsweek/Statista started the annual rankings in 2019, only 1000 hospitals competed to be in the Top 250 World’s Best list, with Sheba ranked at #10. In 2024, the number of hospitals vying to be on the Top 250 World’s Best list, rose to 2400! And Sheba jumped to #9, a true accolade.

In this week’s edition you can sample a variety of stories about why Sheba indeed, is worthy of its global buzz.

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