Amidst the echoes of conflict, one family’s plight and perseverance shine through the gloom. The Golan family, victims of a brutal attack, found more than medical care at Sheba Medical Center; they found a safe haven.

A Golan Family’s Ordeal

On a day marked by violence, the Golan family of Kfar Aza faced an unimaginable assault within their own home. Ellay, a doctor by profession, Ariel, a devoted social worker, and their young daughter Yael experienced horrors that tested the limits of their endurance. With their village under siege and their lives in peril, the Golans’ survival hinged on their fortitude and the swift actions of their rescuers.

A Subterranean Sanctuary

Deep below the surface, Sheba Medical Center’s underground hospital has become a vital refuge. In this innovative space, the Golans, severely burned and critically injured, received urgent, expert care. The center’s conversion to a wartime facility exemplifies Sheba’s readiness and dedication to preserving life in the midst of chaos.

Golan family's harrowing journey

A Call to Arms: Healing Heroes

The Golans’ story is a stark reminder of the fragile line between life and death during wartime. Their bravery in holding on, despite the smoke and flames, is a testament to the human will to survive. Sheba Medical Center stands as their ally, providing shelter and a place for healing.

As we share the Golans’ story, we also extend our hands in solidarity. Their battle is not fought alone. Join us in echoing their courage.

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