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U.S. Ambassador to Israel Jack Lew Forges a Bond with Sheba Medical Center


Despite all of the rhetoric in the media about the so-called “deteriorating” relationship between Israel and the USA, U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Jack Lew’s first visit to Sheba Medical Center last week, emphasized the warm and enduring “mishpacha” like relationship, which has been the hallmark between Washington and Sheba over the years.

To underscore the burgeoning cooperation between the Embassy and Sheba, Ambassador Lew brought both his economic and defense attaches to the hospital to discuss a myriad of collaborations.

Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Dir. General of Sheba outlined the hospital’s on-going challenges in treating civilians and soldiers since October 7th, as well as unveiling his vision of how Sheba, through its various ground-breaking technological initiatives, will create regional and global impact, as healthcare transcends boundaries and politics.
After a lively and fruitful discussion, Prof. Kreiss escorted Amb. Lew to our “Returning to Life” rehab hospital, where he got a first-hand look at how we have treated and continue to heal the bodies and souls of wounded soldiers.

Prof. Kreiss introduced Amb. Lew to Israeli-Arab doctors and nurses who have worked side-by-side with their Jewish counterparts to treat both civilians and soldiers since October 7th. Amb. Lew also listened intently as two American-born IDF soldiers, Aaron and Mendel described how and where they were injured in battle and the life-saving treatments they have received at Sheba.

“I am delighted to have met the people here at Sheba, who make this such a great place and I look forward to partnership with Sheba in the years ahead,” enthused Amb. Lew.


Watch his visit to Sheba below !

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