Sheba Global Ophthalmology’s Dr. Mattan Arazi, together with colleagues worldwide, discuss the evolving field of Global Ophthalmology in their recent article “Global Ophthalmology in the Middle East: a Task Force
Proposal.” They highlight the increasing demand for eye care globally and the efforts made to address it, such as capacity building, telemedicine, and humanitarian outreach. However, they emphasize the unique challenges faced by the Middle East region in delivering eye care services, citing factors such as geopolitical instability, ongoing conflicts, and social disparities. Despite some progress in blindness prevention aligned with the Vision 2020 agenda, the lack of accurate data on vision impairment and population-based surveys hampers effective interventions.

In response to these challenges, Dr. Arazi and his colleagues propose the establishment of a Task Force on Global Ophthalmology in the Middle East. This task force would bring together ophthalmologists, NGOs, and professional bodies to advocate for eye care principles, facilitate cross-regional training programs, conduct research, and build global alliances. With a specific emphasis on underserved populations and those at risk across the geopolitical region, the task force seeks to achieve universal health coverage inclusive of eye care, thereby contributing to long-term stability in the region and beyond.