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Sheba’s Expanded Rehab Hospital Treating Wounded Soldiers Moves Into High Gear

Sheba Medical Center’s new, expanded rehabilitation hospital, which highlights an advanced 36-bed ward in the Padeh Building has moved into high gear, with over 100 wounded Israel Defense Forces soldiers having been already being treated there during the first month of the war.

“Rehabilitation will be one of the major medical challenges that Israel faces in the coming years as a result of the current war,” said Prof. Gabi Zeilig, Director of the Department of Neurological Rehabilitation and the National Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Unit, Sheba Medical Center. “Early interventions will be crucial to help patients start on the right path to recovery. To accommodate the dozens of additional patients, we will be infusing the department with new technology, building on our extensive experience rehabilitating soldiers and enabling our clinical team to deliver the best outcomes.”

The expanded rehabilitation center leverages health and medical technology including AI, remote monitoring tools and virtual reality, to provide additional inpatient and outpatient treatment, augmenting the capacity of medical staff in the facility. These tools form part of a new infrastructure designed to provide maximum impact of rehabilitation treatments over the course of admission to the rehab hospital.

To buttress this transformation, Sheba recently called upon Israel’s startup ecosystem, inviting health tech companies to submit solutions for potential use in the expanded rehab hospital. Over 80 start-up companies heeded the call, with 8 finalists partaking in a day-long “hackathon.” Winners will be announced in the coming days.

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