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A Doctor’s Journey: Dr. Dan Katz’s Impactful Service at Sheba

Los Angeles-based emergency physician Dan Katz, and WR Board Chair of American Friends of Sheba Medical Center, first established a bond with Sheba when he volunteered his expertise and services here five years ago. Following the atrocities on October 7th, Dr. Katz felt a deep need to return to Israel and help in any way he could. Two weeks after the war broke out, he was on site at Sheba. His initial stint as a volunteer consisted predominantly of prep for further casualties and undergoing training with MSR simulations.
“In terms of simulations, MSR does an incredible job preparing clinicians to be ready for mass casualty events that may be rare in other places. We understand that the unprecedented mass casualty event in Israel surpassed anything seen by any other emergency department.”
Recently, Dan Katz has returned for a second volunteer stint, and the disparity between his two experiences couldn’t be more profound. In his own words, he is now bearing witness to the true casualties of the war.  During the interview, he shared a poignant moment that truly underscored Sheba’s readiness. “As four wounded soldiers were transported by helicopters, they received immediate attention upon landing. One, in critical condition, was swiftly prepared for a life-saving blood transfusion. Nurses gathered by his side, offering reassurance that he was a true hero to the nation and that he would overcome his wounds.” In that profound moment, Dr. Katz came to understand that Sheba’s medical professionals weren’t merely caring for patients; they were tending to their own family—brothers, sisters, and children. The nation of Israel is one big family, and this notion extends beyond race, faith, or origin. As he observed his surroundings, he witnessed medical professionals that were completely diverse and represented all of Israel’s communities.
“Working at Sheba Medical Center, you realize what an incredible place this is. It’s a city, it’s got six hospitals, it’s got seven centers of excellence, it’s got a medical innovation center, and it’s a very special place. Sheba is a microcosm and a representation of what we hope Israel will be. A nation where there is interaction, innovation, and hope. It’s my hope that it spreads beyond this hospital. Investing in Sheba is investing in Israel. Supporting Sheba is supporting Israel. And Sheba’s impact extends beyond the campus of this medical center. Sheba’s arm reaches far out internationally. Across the globe. In times of disaster, in times of war, and in times of strife, we’re there to help support the world, but right now we need the world to support us just a little bit.”
Thank you, Dan, for being a Friend and supporter of Sheba!

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