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Michael’s Journey: Sheba’s Compassionate Response to Crisis

Following October 7th, Michael Simons felt the call to stand with Israel and volunteered at Sheba, where he bore witness to a level of care he had never seen before.

The atrocities that took place on October 7th did not solely impact Israel, but Jewish people from all corners of the world. When Chicago native Michael Simons, the Senior VP Purchasing at Vienna Beef, heard the news, he immediately began reevaluating his life, surroundings and his priorities.

“October 7th was a change in my life as a Jew, and as an American. Up until that point I took Israel for granted, and October 7th changed me and woke me up like the Shofar and I said ‘I need to stand up for Israel.’”

Sheba’s Legacy: A Testament to Humanity

While looking online and asking friends for ways that he could help Israel during its most challenging time of need, Michael heard about Sheba. He recalled the moment, saying, “I heard about Sheba through some friends of ours in Chicago and heard all about the good things Sheba was doing in Israel. Not just for soldiers, but for all of mankind.”
Upon starting his volunteering service, Michael was immediately taken with how Sheba operated. In most places, receiving such a high standard of medical care would mean having to know a friend who knows someone and would recommend you to receive such care. Sheba’s medical professionals didn’t need to be asked and didn’t take into consideration someone’s background or finances. If a patient needed help, they offered the best care they could provide.

Supporting Families Through Trauma

Further referencing the attacks, Michael stated, “As a father of two daughters and a husband of a strong woman, it pains me. But the fact that Sheba, the doctors, and the staff take into consideration the trauma that these women and our daughters are going through, and consider the support that the fathers and husbands will need. There is nobody else that I know of but the Jewish people who take care of each other like that.” Thank you, Michael Simons, For Being a Friend of Sheba!  

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